Leslie Feinberg dedicated the 20th anniversary Author’s Edition of Stone Butch Blues to CeCe McDonald.

CeCe is a trans woman activist of color in Minneapolis, MN, who was punished with a heavy prison sentence for defending herself from a white racist neo-fascist attacker.

In “This Is What Solidarity Looks Like” Feinberg gathered together a visual “how-to-organize manual” of this movement. The slideshow starts with the first local gatherings in Minneapolis and shows how the collective organizing of Free CeCe! spanned the globe.

CC McDonald, a black transwoman dressed in an orange prison jumpsuit, presses her hand to Leslie's against prison glass. She places her hand over her heart in an expression of solidarity and love.
Leslie Feinberg & CeCe McDonald at Hennepin County Jail, May Day 2012
Photo credit: Leslie Feinberg

A movement grew from local to international to free CeCe and to support trans* people’s right to self-defense. Feinberg fought for CeCe’s freedom, and was arrested for writing the words: Free CeCe! on the courthouse walls where CeCe was sentenced.

Leslie spray paints "Free CC Now!" in purple and yellow on the concrete walls of the Hennepin County Courthouse.
Leslie Feinberg writes on the walls of the Hennepin County Courthouse in Minneapolis, MN on June 4, 2012. Photo Credit: Billy Navarro.

Here are some of Leslie Feinberg’s articles about the struggle to Free CeCe!

Part 1: “Free CeCe McDonald!”—The right to fight back Dec. 7, 2012

Part 2: CeCe McDonald & Anoka students tear white hood off “bullying” Dec. 13, 2012

Part 3: CeCe McDonald & friends fought, survived lynch mob / U.S. surge in police and neo-fascist lynchings Dec. 20, 2012

Part 4: In defense of peoples’ power / Capitalism profits from guns, war & reaction

Part 5: Guns—weapons or tools? Pointed which way? Jan. 13, 2013


You can see more of Leslie Feinberg’s photos on hir Flickr stream, including “The Screened-In Series,” a disability-art, class-conscious documentary of hir Hawley-Green neighborhood, photographed entirely from behind the windows of hir apartment. Her photo stream was active through November 15, 2014.

Leslie Feinberg, "The Pronoun Eye," 2011
Leslie Feinberg, “The Pronoun Eye,” 2011