Translations of Stone Butch Blues are coming here!

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Download the PDF here: In Basque / euskaraz / (Due to formatting, once you’ve opened the downloaded PDF there are several blank pages in the beginning you’ll need to scroll through to get to the text).

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Note from Minnie Bruce Pratt: Please honor Leslie’s wishes about translations as were expressed (below) in the 2014 Anniversary Edition of Stone Butch Blues.


I THANK THE TRANSLATORS WHO have contributed their labor to editions in languages including Chinese, Turkish, Slovenian, Serbo-Croatian, Greek, Italian, German, Dutch, and Hebrew. My proceeds from the latter go to the Palestinian group ASWAT.

I have received many generous offers to translate Stone Butch Blues, without cost, into numerous languages, including Kannada, Spanish, Russian and French.

But I remain too ill to get back in touch with willing translators, or to negotiate individual contracts. Therefore, I make the following translation agreement via this public communication.

I agree to any translations that meet the following criteria:

I give permission solely for translations of this 20th Anniversary Author’s Edition of Stone Butch Blues.

The translation must have a statement of clear attribution acknowledging that it is a translation of my novel Stone Butch Blues, in its entirety, as well as an acknowledgement of me, Leslie Feinberg, as author.

The translation must be non-commercial, that is, be a print edition that is priced to meet only production cost and/or a digital edition that is a free on-line read.

You the translator may include NO introduction to the translated edition. You may provide notes on your language decisions. (See explanatory note below.)

I retain the right to post a free digital version or a substantial segment of your translation work on the Stone Butch Blues publication site, where translations will be hosted:

If you are producing a digital translation that meets the above requirements, you the translator and/or publisher will send your name and contact information, and a digital link to, or a digital version of, your translation of Stone Butch Blues, to the email address posted at

If you are producing a print translation that meets the above requirements, you the translator and/or publisher will send your name and contact information and 2 copies of that print version, after contacting the email address posted at

A link to information about your print edition will be posted at


For many decades, as I grew up, the only publications about people who were oppressed based on their sexes, gender expressions, and sexualities were books that had psychological/psychiatric “experts” writing about those lives.

The words of the oppressed individual then became the “patient narrative” that was stretched or chopped, as if into a Procrustean bed of torture, to fit the theory of the “experts.”

Stone Butch Blues speaks in its own voice and needs no expert between reader and protagonist.

I accept that translators into other languages may want to provide translator notes about overcoming specific difficulties in translating this novel.

But—please do not introduce the novel to readers!

This novel can introduce itself to readers, and so can JessGoldberg.

Stone Butch Blues is the voice of someone who is living the oppressions, resistance and pride.

Let the reader hear Jess Goldberg’s own words.